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aesthetic or premium crowns

With a crown that looks and functions like a natural tooth, we provide high-quality replacement of missing teeth and stabilization of damaged teeth. To ensure that your crown meets all the requirements in the best possible way, the defective tooth or the previously inserted implant is optimally prepared and the artificial dental crown is then made to fit precisely in a quality laboratory.


The material used for the realistic-looking crowns is extremely stable, durable and has no negative impact on your health. You will hardly feel the difference from a natural tooth, and you will not notice any change when taking meals. For a harmonious look, the shade of the crown can be perfectly matched to that of the surrounding teeth.


Crowns are a high-quality dental prosthesis that can take over all the functions of the natural tooth. Even in the case of severely destroyed teeth, a crown can still preserve a large part of the tooth material and there is no need to fear bone loss in the jaw.


Prophylaxis is a preventive measure aimed at keeping your teeth healthy. Within the framework of prophylaxis, we offer you high-quality services. Because it is one of the most important measures on the way to a functional and beautiful dentition.

Even when brushing your teeth every day at home, you can make an important contribution to prophylaxis. When you thoroughly clean your teeth, at least for two minutes after breakfast and before going to bed, you remove harmful plaque that can lead to caries or periodontitis. In most cases, however, home care is not sufficient to remove all plaque. Therefore, your own preventive care should definitely be supplemented by regular professional dental cleaning in our practice. We recommend this at least once a year, or more often if you have pre-existing conditions.


During professional dental cleaning, plaque is removed from the teeth. In order to remove all deposits, we use the possibility of plaque staining, which makes them visible. Subsequently, various hand instruments are used. Tooth discoloration caused, for example, by the consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco, beetroot and red wine, we remove using airflow.


During the professional dental cleaning, we also take care of caries prophylaxis by applying Miraflour gel and examine your teeth for any problem areas that could lead to caries or periodontitis. By drawing your attention to any existing weak spots, we will point out areas that need more attention when brushing your teeth at home. We will also educate you on appropriate brushing techniques and provide brushing instructions to make home dental care even more effective. If necessary, the correct use of dental floss will also be taught.

With this comprehensive overall package of efficient preventive care services, we ensure with your support that you enjoy healthy, beautiful and functional teeth and gums for a long time.

nitrous oxide sedation

For a relaxed treatment, we offer sedation with nitrous oxide to anxiety patients and patients with a strong gag reflex. The nitrous oxide used in this process takes away your anxiety and makes you feel pain less strongly. You become calmer and can face the treatment with more serenity. However, you will remain conscious and your breathing and swallowing reflexes will also remain intact.


The inhalation of the laughing gas takes place via a face/nose mask. Initially, you will be administered pure oxygen, which will be replaced in small steps by nitrous oxide. Depending on your needs, mixtures with a 30 to 50 percent nitrous oxide content are common. At most, the nitrous oxide percentage can be increased to 70 percent. At the end of sedation, you will be given pure oxygen again so that the effect of the nitrous oxide wears off more quickly and a lack of oxygen (diffusion hypoxia) is prevented.


Thanks to our expertise and experience in the field of dental sedation with nitrous oxide, we perform each sedation correctly and in compliance with all necessary precautions. Your vital signs are monitored throughout the administration. This makes nitrous oxide sedation extremely low-risk and not associated with any long-lasting after-effects.